Sunday, October 4, 2009

In praise of beauty

In praise of beauty

The beauty of tears.
The beauty of a broken heart because I loved fiercely and didn’t want to let go.

In praise of letting go because life is a river and we the fallen leaf swirling to the ocean. Because life is an open sea and when our life raft capsizes, we float until a dolphin rescues us, until we accept salt water as our fate, until we are scorched by sun and condensed to bone, food for fish.

In praise of the life behind me, the trail of farewells that became the time of welcome. In praise of learning that farewell means til we meet again. That life is full of second chances, no true ending to the story because each ending is only a threshold, another point of view, another miracle.

In praise of miracles and the energy to move on.

In praise of rivers and oceans. The tide in my blood. The fog. The darkness, the rain. In praise of the small candle I hold in my hand. The box of matches given to me the day I was born.

In praise of cycles and spirals and gifts and the moment of truth and the moment of surrender.

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