Friday, December 4, 2009


If he asks you how to blow the ember
back into flame, whisper: here, and
here. If he points to a broken heart,
breathe these words: this is the way,
only this.

If he dances on your rooftop and
cups his hands to hold the moon,
sing. Sing and pluck the fine
silvered strings of his pleasure.

If he asks you if you dare, become
bold as amber honey, widen your hips,
hand to him the key. Do not
hesitate and do not
look back.

If he asks you if you love,
look deeply into his eyes. Light the
flame with your breath, let your lips
seal the promise, let him find
your secret rose. Open.

Give wine. Give fragrance. Give dew, and
then let the sea come in its force. Let the tide
overtake you, let the moon rock you,
let your seashell hearts
fill with joy.


Anonymous said...

I really like the "if " "then" form you use for much of this; it reminds me of the ballad form of troubador songs, and some since that emulate them. The last stanza shakes this up, though it remains imperative, finishing by becoming even more lyrical.

Irene said...

Give in to love, a mantra.

rallentanda said...

The poem does have a lovely lyrical quality which is hard to achieve. Also there is a touch of the scripture about it.Well done!

Linda said...

A beautifully expressed song of love. I was happily immersed in the imagery. Thank you for sharing this wonderful guide, Wendy.

Julie Jordan Scott said...

reminded me of Rumi. Love the tactile nature with lines like "Widen your hips, especially..."

gautami tripathy said...

Like the underlying spirituality...

nature copulates

Anonymous said...

Like the Chagall you introduce, this poem moves by surrendering - not a passive stance, but an opening! Beautiful only hints to meaning here.

"breath these words - this is the way, only this", says more than words may do. Clean phrasing that leaves no meaning ambiguous.

This poem presents craft and meaning, both, and given generously. I as well, appreciate them both.

Tamra said...

This is so gentle and generous at the same time.

Wendy Gillissen said...

A living, dancing poem about opening to love, opening to sensuality, opening to spirit.
I love the rythm and the imagery.