Thursday, January 21, 2010

Blazing through night

You are my fiesta, my fireworks against the
pitch black, my bone rattling boom, my
roar of the crowd, my glittering
cannon flyer, my sequined stunt man

You are my foot stomping, hand clapping
flamenco dance, my tango, my pasa doble
with a heart clutching spin, my waltz until we
fall down, wings burst into star dust and blood

You are my long drink of water
in a desert of games, those odd ones of
false appearances and deceit, snark
whistles and snake tongues

You are my hallowed ground, my shivering
awe that traces along my spine, my communion
from a well of sweet gospel, blind
transformation, awakened zeal

You are my fire keeper, my hearth, my flame,
my driftwood of sculptured loss, my turnstile of
fate, you are the face in my
tortilla, the honey on my papaya

You are the pebbles cast in moonlight,
the backward look, the courage, the sacrifice
You are the rules that broke every one
until we were no longer sorry,
until we were found

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