Friday, January 21, 2011

Celebrating the Publication of transparencies of light

transparencies of light by Wendy Brown-Bàez transparencies of light articulates a woman’s point of view: from the pueblo or the big city, in troubled places or in quiet solitude, she speaks up with passion and courage. transparencies embraces the terrors and joys of ordinary life and the challenge to live in dignity despite extraordinary circumstances. These women are survivors. From the birth of their children to the birth of themselves, they remove the veils of invisibility to voice their stories and to reveal their destinies.

"I want to be / the one to find the message” Wendy Brown-Báez writes, and in transparencies of light she unfolds a quilt of messages from a host of voices, voices of women imploring or demanding, sorrowing or rejoicing. What impresses me most about this work is its sincerity—its conviction that poetry can reach beyond and broaden our lives, can be made of “rose petals or ash” and yet break stone. --Lightsey Darst, author of Find the Girl

Wendy Brown-Báez is a writer, teacher, performance poet and installation artist. In 2009, Brown-Báez’s full length collection of poems Ceremonies of the Spirit debuted when she featured at the Green Mill Jazz Club in Chicago. Her prose and poetry have appeared in dozens of literary magazines. In 2008 and 2009 she received McKnight grants to teach writing workshops for at risk youth which developed into an art installation In the Shelter of Words. To find out more:

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