Friday, June 1, 2012

The Lord Have Mercy Show upcoming in July

will be performing an excerpt from 
The Lord Have Mercy Show
with soloist Rachaelann Haasken and 
dancer Linda Lunquist
We will guide you through the valley of grief 
to the healing of transformation

Friday July 20 & Saturday July 21 
@ 7:30 pm
Patricks’ Cabaret 3010 Minnehaha
(Lake & Minnehaha) 55406

Tickets $8 – 10
For more info:

from the poem: Solstice Child

bright light the winter night you came into my life, the times 
we went tumbling down
tumbling down, baby in the basket 
and love on the wing

magical snow globe, miniature world, babes in the woods, 
glow in the dark, you came to us during solstice night

and the blood I paid for your birth an honest payment, not what I 
chose but what I survived. so cold we could not venture outside, 
it was mountains and moose

and down coats and tucked into blankets before the fire 
drowsy and sweet. I did
not know about darkness then, how it could burn 
my heart into ash.

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