Sunday, June 28, 2009

Eulogy to Mi Sol

I was Alejandro’s Luna and he was mi Sol.
When we created the gallery, the original banner read:
Sol y Luna: arte sin fronteras: contemporary art ----- poetry & writing workshops
I first became friends with Alejandro when I invited him by email to be part of a bilingual poetry event. To this day, I don’t know why he agreed, but it obviously was destiny. Later he confessed that when I emailed him, he couldn’t remember exactly who I was but once we reconnected in person, it felt like as though we had known each other forever. We had so much fun kidding around during rehearsals, I wondered how the show would turn out, but it was wonderful. That night was Alejandro’s birthday and what a gift he was to me! He created an altar with Mexican textiles and a large Guadelupe painting. After each poem was read, we lit velas and dedicated the altar to Las Desaparacidas, the missing women from Juarez.
I had never imagined trying to start up a business. Alejandro was a visionary. The first gallery was a tattoo parlor, dirty, smelly and dark. We tore out the walls, replaced the white tiled floors with saltillo tiles, and the front gate by shining glass. It was beautiful and I was proud to represent Sol y Luna to the public of Puerto Vallarta. It breaks my heart that we will enjoy his legacy that he left behind without his dynamic, captivating presence.
Alejandro was the light in my darkness after my son died. In 2006, when I arrived in Puerto Vallarta, I was still devastated by the cruelty of my son's unexpected and tragic death. Alejandro took me by the hand and led me out of the shadows. We held hands as we climbed the mountain of dreams and we held hands when we leaped off the cliff, learning faith in ourselves. He chose art and I chose poetry. We laughed with delight as our wings unfurled and we watched each other soar.
Alejandro taught me to make every moment count, whether it was a meal or an art deal, a lazy day on the beach or a trip to meet an artist. I do know that after every ending, another door opens. I want you to listen carefully. Alejandro is saying thank you for all the love and the good times you shared. He was a blessing in my life and I bless him as he soars onward to the stars.
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Britt said...

We live for ourselves, but without each other we're alone. You're still not alone, and I'm sure he's not, either. Call if you need to talk.